Tour - Trimaran through the Bays


Wednesday , Dec 8, 2021 - 2 Adults

Definitely one of the greatest attractions of Huatulco is its coastline, a composition of 9 continuous beans framed with more than 36 beaches scattered between beautiful cliffs and mountains. The Catamaran offers fun and entertainment. You will visit from 5 to 7 of the 9 most beautiful bays in the world, you will have the opportunity to swim and enjoy the refreshing sea of Huatulco. Leaving the Santa Cruz Bay marina, visit its beaches Hierbabuena and La Delivery and starting the way to the west, the boat looks out over the Chahué Bay to offer you a wonderful view of the marina and the development area.
We will visit the virgin beaches of the Órgano and Maguey Bays. On the way we observe the natural wonders of this area from the sea and we will hear the voice of the ocean in "La Bufadora". Be impressed by the gigantic rock that over time has formed "the stone face". We continue the trip to Bahía Cacaluta, which is distinguished by its heart-shaped beach. On the way back, we will enjoy from the boat the landscape of the different layas are India and Chachacual. We will arrive at Maguey Bay, where we will go down to taste if you wish, an exquisite dish from the Coast, we recommend from some delicious whiting to the beach specialty, pineapple stuffed with gratin shrimp, you cannot miss it. Finally, we will board the boat again to enjoy the final part of the maritime route until we reach Santa Cruz Bay.


Adults: USD $ 725

Children: USD $725