Tour - Punta Cometa and Mazunte Magic Town


Wednesday , Dec 8, 2021 - 2 Adults

On the coasts of Oaxaca we have the newly named magical town "Mazunte", picturesque for its architecture and wood and adobo, it is the scene of restaurants, pizzerias, and very rich bread outlets. This wonderful place years ago had a very different economic activity, today it is a tourist town, with a population that is continually preparing. Here is the legendary ancient and archaeological zone of Punta Cometa, a magical place that has the famous window. And he will wonder what La Ventanilla is, I explain that it is a mountain range that forms a window like a hole in its structure, one is surprised to see at the summer and winter equinox how the sun passes its light through this space, to give for started the change from one season of the year to another, that is to say from winter to spring and from autumn to winter. Legend has it that it was not a whim of nature rather that it was a construction of our ancestors for astronomical purposes.

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