Tour - Colors, smells and flavors


Wednesday , Dec 8, 2021 - 2 Adults

This must be an experience where our guests must see and feel with their hands, the products premises that occur within a community. At our first stop, which will be at the Herbalist, where the guide will explain how trees neutralize carbon, they will also have access to a specialist in Herbalism where he will tell us the origins of their use and how they were used in the past in people to relieve them of some discomfort or as antibiotics in certain diseases, once our guests are involved in this environment of nature, they will be shown the products that are produced within the region for this we will have to transport our guests to the mezcal factory where they are It will teach how it is produced and it is explained that everything is produced in those lands and how the care of the stalks is done. Later, you will be given a taste of mezcal and local products where you can taste them, then we will enter the last stage of this experience they will participate in neutralizing their carbon footprint, planting a tree and putting their last name or name, then they will be explained what is going on. pass with the trees that they planted, how are they going to go to the nursery and then that tree will be planted, to end this tour they will receive a certificate that you neutralized your trip you erased your carbon footprint.

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