Tour - Help a little turtle

Puerto Escondido

Sunday , Oct 2, 2022 - 2 Adults

Almost at the end of the day we invite you to a very altruistic activity with nature and it consists of releasing a little turtle into the sea.
This is how the olive ridley turtle arrives on the Oaxacan coast at a certain time of the year to prepare the nest and lay its eggs. But how do they do it? They will wonder; I tell you. They arrive at the seashore late at night and enter the beach to dig a hole and lay their eggs there. When they finish, they cover them with sand with their legs, and leave. Thus the cycle of life, then the camps of men take care of these eggs so that when their time comes, the little turtles break the shell and come out of the sand to go to the sea. It is here where the camp takes on the task of taking care of them so that they are released at sunset and thus help the birds NOT to eat them before reaching the sea. Then they will give you a little turtle to take care of it and help it get to the sea and not be carried away by a bird. It is satisfying to help and feel like a guardian of nature. You will be given a digital certificate for your contribution.

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